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- 17 hours ago

@_davidfallon: Well, #BEAM2020 @MTheatreNetwork/@MercuryMusicals might have been cancelled, but we’ve still found a way to bring you Scouts! The Musical.(!) The show is now over a year in the making, here’s one of the songs from the show ‘Home’. It’s been so fun writing this one (1/2)
h J R

- 1 day ago

@newUKmusicals: MT Performers - now as the UK Theatre industry begins its journey to reopening, it's the perfect time to refresh your repertoire. You can pick up some of the best new songs from some of the best new writers at It's simple, easy and it's for everyone!
h J R

- 5 days ago

#SIGNALONLINE meets @MTPRIDE2020 tonight - tune in for new musical theatre!
h J R